How does it work?

2 min readJan 12, 2022


Once the ActivADA mobile application installed it will ask for crypto wallet address, which will be paired with the all collected real-time data during the training (running).

ActivADA main menu.

When the training is done, all these data are going to be stored, streamlined and delivered to the ActivADA web-platform.

Data is pulled from APIs, hashed on-chain and available to protocols as data streams through the blockchain oracles.

Ongoing Training in ActivADA

Cardano is one of the only Blockchain projects that has been built via a peer-reviewed and researched based approach. For an oracle built on Cardano this means the backbone of its network is built on a trusted, open source foundation adding another layer of trust for users.

Profile Menu

On the online platform, Validators come into play. All validators should log in virtual “validators cabinet”, where they will receive training results from random people (runners), all data have to be analysed according to the “Validator’s guide”. Once the training is validated and approved, the runner and validator get their rewards.


According to the above described consensus, the validators will be chosen on the basis of amount of native tokens, held by the validator. In order to avoid the “blind” validation and approving of collected data transactions, will be implemented “cool off” period. The validation cannot be faster than “x” seconds per transaction, based on amount and diversity of data, which is supposed to be analysed. Furthermore, depending on complexity, there will be “validators firewall”, which means validation of the transaction several times with different validators and comparison of the results.

Runners and Validators Rewards

The Reward System is delivered from such aspects as:

  • Heart Rate [BPM];
  • Ascent [m];
  • Running time [min];
  • Distance [km];
  • Descent [m];
  • Speed [km/h];
  • Ascent time [min];
  • Cadence [rpm].

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